What can I expect?

    Easy to understand housing guides that go into the relevant detail for students to be able to excell in their housing journeys!

    Where do we get our information from?

    We use industry-recognised legal resources to scope and research our housing topics.

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    N eed help with housing or just want to brush-up on your housing knowledge? Then you’ve come to the right place!

    Housing is an essential element in life and renting is an experience that most of us will go through at some point in our lives. So, why is something that is so important to our survival, so hard to understand? Well, that’s where My Uni House gets involved!

    My Uni House's knowledge hub provides information on all aspects of student housing, specifically curated for students living, studying and renting in England. Head over to our Housing Guides to learn more about the basics of renting in England or check out The Blog.

    Our housing guides are free for you to view, some may require creating an account first in order to view the full guide. New housing guides published every month!

    My Uni House recognises the need to be fully accessible to all students! The knowledge hub will be extendend to reflect the different journeys that students take.

    The knowledge hub will include:

    Information for students renting in halls

    Information for students renting elsewhere in the UK

    Information for international students renting in the UK

    As we grow as a business, these are features that we hope you will appreciate. Check back with us soon!